My Dear professional colleagues,

As I have embarked in my role as the 39th Chairman of Kozhikode Branch of SIRC of ICAI, I carry with me a sense of inherent pride and happiness. I am equally aware of the magnitude of the responsibility that Chairmanship brings along.

I am thankful to all my illustrious predecessors for bringing up the profession to this stage where it is today.

I express my gratitude to the esteemed members of the Management Committee for according an opportunity to serve as the Chairman of this esteemed Branch.

The one year defined term of Chairmanship, needless to mention, is seemingly a short period; motivates the Chairman in office to set challenging targets.

I congratulate all the management committee members for electing to their respective positions.

We are intending to revamp the website of the Kozhikode Branch with more ease of access and sophisticated features. Your suggestions to make the website more robust is welcome and the same can be sent to calicut@ with subject line ‘ Suggestions for website’

As you know CABF ( The Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund ) of ICAI is a philanthropic initiative for the welfare of our members in distress and of the families of our deceased members . It is time for us to come forward and donate to strengthen the funds of CABF to keep the help flowing to our members .While we are happy ,our heart must go out to our professional colleagues and families ,who are in trouble, without forgetting our responsibilities to our fraternity .It is an earnest appeal that all members must become the life member of the fund, if not, and to contribute voluntary any amount for the noble cause .Contribution to CABF is eligible for tax exemption under section 80 G of Income Tax Act,1961.

On behalf of the new Managing Committee, I also request members to send suggestions/comments/feed back on the exposure draft as and when issued by the Institute .

The Members may take note that new Code of Ethics is effective from 1/4/2020.The members of the Institute ,whether in practice or in service, are required to comply with the provisions of Code of Ethics.

I assure that there would be no dilution in my efforts to take the profession to newer heights , and we will do everything to uphold the tradition of integrity and accountability of our profession and continue to enhance its high image and identity among the stakeholders.

Let us work together towards excellence.

May the Almighty give us vigour and wisdom to guide the profession further and fulfil the expectations of all.

At your service

Jai Hind Jai ICAI

With warm regards

CA Mohammed Davood CMK


Kozhikode, 29th February ,2020